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Digitell Live Events Platform
Privacy Policy
Digitell Live Events Platform is a product of Digitell, Inc. that provides webcasting and streaming services (referred to as "sessions") on behalf of organizations, institutions and individuals (referred to as "clients") that have contracted Digitell, Inc. to provide those services to you.

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What Information do we collect?

Basic Browser Information and Server Logs
Whenever you use Digitell Live Events Platform services we will automatically collect basic information about your web browser, its capabilities, your network (IP), approximate location, and the actions, views and page requests that you perform.

Our web servers will automatically collect standard HTTP diagnostics logs, including the IP address that you connect from, the pages you view, and the data sent and received from our servers.

Log Retention
Server logs are typically kept for up-to 6 months, however this may be extended for as long as necessary if Digitell, Inc. has in good faith a reason to believe that individual logs may contain information relevant to an ongoing investigation or legal proceeding.

Your Registration Details, Platform Identity and Interactions
When you are first registered on Digitell Live Events Platform, your primary registration details, mainly your name and email address, will be used to generate a Digitell Live Events "Platform Identity" for you.

Your platform identity acts as a wrapper for your personal information and interactions upon this platform, and contains your name, email address, profile information, diagnostic data, permissions, attended sessions, and logs of interactions that you performed while attending them.

How we collect your registration information depends on how you access our services.

Collecting your Registration Details via Integration
For clients that integrate with Digitell Live Events Platform via our authentication API, including those clients served via other Digitell, Inc. products and services, your registration details will automatically be sent to this platform when you first attempt to access a session.

If you are accessing the platform for the first time, your registration details will be held in escrow until you have read and agreed to this privacy policy, at which point we will use the provided registration details to create a new Platform Identity for you.

Collecting your Registration Details via Guest Login
Certain sessions do not use integrations, and instead allow attendees to register via "Guest Login". When you are registering as a guest, you will be required to provide a name, email address and country of origin. This information will then be used to provide you with a temporary Platform Identity which is bound to your current device.

Your guest credentials and temporary identity will be stored on your device until you logout of the platform.

Collecting your Registration Details via Manual Input
It may sometimes be necessary for Digitell, Inc. staff to manually register a user on our platform without their direct interaction. This is often the case when the registration details in question belong to a host or presenter who is scheduled to use our platform on behalf of a client.

Digitell Live Events Platform also provides optional opportunities for you to expand upon your basic registration information by providing additional information that may improve your experience by allowing other attendees to better connect with you.

Extended Profiles
Upon entering a session for the first time, you will be provided with the option of filling out an extended profile.

By submitting this information, you are consenting to this information being made publicly available to other attendees in any sessions that you attend, as well as to the client(s) responsible for those sessions.

Attendees that have filled out their extended profile information will be identified by a small profile card icon next to their name in chat, as well as showing their profile picture if one has been added.

Please note that your email address is not part of your extended profile and will not be shared with other attendees, it will however be included in reports provided to the responsible client.

Certain sessions will allow you to use our integrated Twitter functionality to post Tweets directly from within our platform. When you first attempt to post a tweet through our platform you will be asked by Twitter.com to authorize our platform to do so. Upon approving this request, Digitell, Inc. will receive an OAuth authentication token that allows us to post status updates on your behalf.

This token is stored in your browser session and will expire upon you logging out or after a reasonable period of inactivity.

An important part of the service we provide to our clients is reporting on how their attendees interact with the features available on the platform in relation to the sessions that they provide.

Your Interactions within Sessions
Our platform will record any interaction you have with any of the features and services that it provides.

Examples of interactions are:
  • Logging into a session
  • Sending a chat message
  • Submitting a question
  • Responding to a poll
  • Downloading a file
  • Contacting technical support

Certain actions may be recorded even after a session has ended, such as if you download session resources via our thank-you email that is usually sent once a session has ended.

Please note that Digitell, Inc. cannot be held responsible if you choose to use interactive session features to publish personally identifiable information about yourself or others outside of those features specifically designed to process such information. For example, if you were to type your entire name and address into chat, it would be broadcast to other attendees, and Digitell, Inc. would be unable to stop its distribution after it had already been shared.

System Check Results
The first time you log into a session each day, your browser will automatically run an thorough compatibility check, this process will test if your browser and connection is capable of meeting the requirements needed to use our platform.

The results of this compatibility check will automatically be stored as part of your platform identity in our database. This allows our technicians to better diagnose any difficulties that you may experience, as well as providing Digitell, Inc. with valuable statistics on which software and devices are used to access our services.

Security and Monitoring
Our platform will automatically record information relating to the security of your platform identity, this includes details such as when you logged in and out, from where, and if any changes were made to your account. This information is available exclusively to Digitell, Inc.

What we do with Your Information

Transferring your Information Across Borders
Please be aware that your information may be transferred to countries other than your own. All information collected by this platform will be transferred to and stored within the United States and will be subject to its local and national laws.

Delivering Services to You
Information collected by Digitell Live Events Platform will be used to deliver webinar and streaming services through our platform. By default, the personally identifiable information contained with your registration details, primarily your name and email address, will be used to generate a secure platform identity which will then act as your means to access to our services.

Interactive Features
This platform requires the use of your basic registration information to facilitate the use its interactive features. Please be aware that the use of any interactive feature may result in your registered name being visible to other attendees.

This platform will use your email address to deliver messages providing access to archived session information and other content. We may also email you to request account verification and to send reminders and login credentials for sessions to which you are registered.

Digitell, Inc staff may occasionally contact you via email for the purposes of providing technical support.

Approximating Your Location
In order to provide the best experience, this platform uses MaxMind GeoIP to approximate your location based upon your IP address so that we can direct your browser to fetch assets from the nearest available delivery point. This platform does not share any user data with MaxMind GeoIP other than the IP address used to reach our services.

Third Party Integrations
Digitell Live Events Platform integrates with third-party software providers that offer services that we embed into our platform such as screen sharing or external polling. Some of these services require basic authentication details to function, and as such Digitell Live Events Platform will automatically provide them with your name and email address when necessary to allow you to use the services they offer.

Third Party Services

Conferences.io -

Poll Everywhere -

SonicFoundry -

Delivering Services to Our Clients
Digitell, Inc. will provide the representatives of the original client responsible for contracting Digitell, Inc. with a report including the details of any attendees and their interactions during the session.

The following information is typically included in our reports:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • The unique identifier used to register you on our platform
  • Your browser and client information, including the approximate location that you connected from
  • Public Profile Information
  • Details of any interactive features used such as chat, questions and polling

In some cases, a client may have instructed us to deliver those reports to a third party of their choosing, typically an existing AMS (Association Management System) or LMS (Learning Management System) that they already use to process their information.

Platform Development
Digitell, Inc. will use statistical data collected by its systems to improve its products and services.

Our Basis for Processing Your Information

Our Legitimate Interests in Serving Clients
Digitell, Inc. has a legitimate interest in collecting and using your personal information to fulfil its contractual obligations to our clients. Our contractual obligations include providing our clients??? members, associates and guests with webinar, live streaming, and hybrid event services.

As those services require basic user information to be provided in order to authenticate and function properly, we would be unable to meet our obligations to our clients to provide those services to you if we were unable to process your information.

Digitell, Inc. has a legitimate interest in providing our clients with meaningful reporting on the attendance and use of interactive features within sessions operated on their behalf. We will therefore share with them your basic user information, activity, and any information that you have provided voluntarily while using our services. Our clients may use this information to fulfil their own legitimate interests.

Digitell, Inc. has a legitimate interest in collecting and storing personal information necessary to provide platform demonstrations to potential clients.

Our Legitimate Interests in Monitoring Our Platform
Digitell, Inc. has a legitimate interest in protecting the security and integrity of our platform and services. For this reason our servers store HTTP logs that contain IP addresses, page requests, and data sent and received from our web servers. Due to the nature of these logs, it is possible that they contain personally identifiable information transferred to our servers for the purposes of accessing services.

Digitell, Inc. has a legitimate interest in collecting browser specifications, diagnostics and connection information for the purposes of improving its products and services. Without this information we would be unable to identify faults in our services which may be specific to a particular device or configuration.

Your Consent
Digitell, Inc. services offers the opportunity for attendees to provide extended profile information. By submitting this profile you are providing consent for it being published and made visible to other attendees within the Digitell platform.

By agreeing to this privacy policy and then entering a session you acknowledge that your name may be visible to other attendees, either in general, or when using interactive features.

Digitell, Inc. provides self-operated publicly accessible demonstration sessions. By agreeing to this privacy policy prior to enter one or more of these sessions you consent to your personal information being shared with our sales team for the purposes of them contacting you to market our products and services and enquire about your webcasting and hybrid event needs.

Your Right to Object to Processing
Article 21 of the GDPR gives you the right to object to the processing of your personal data. This effectively allows you to ask us to stop processing your personal data.

However, As Digitell, Inc. processes your information on the basis of legitimate interest, your right to object is not absolute, and you must give specific reasons why you are objecting to the processing of your data, and these reasons must be based upon your particular situation.

Digitell, Inc. may continue to process your data if it can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for processing which override the interests of the individual. In the event of this outcome you have the right to make a complaint to a supervisory authority.

If you wish to exercise your right to object, please email support@digitellinc.com or contact us using the following address:

Digitell, Inc.
4 E 3rd St #300
NY 14701
United States